About Me 

A born and raised Jersey girl, I've been a journalist for 14 years, specializing in pop culture, craft beer, and lifestyle/travel.

Currently, I am a Senior Editor at ETonline and head writer at Hopped LA, as well as a storyteller, social media specialist, freelance writer, and photographer. 


My craft beer writing has been featured in Hop Culture, Los Angeleno, VinePair, and October, and my personal essays and pop culture pieces have been published in publications such as Bust, XOJane, HuffPo, LA Confidential Magazine, Myspace, and AltPress. Many of my musings on the oh-so-fun realities of being a young cancer survivor on my blog (yes, it needs an update), and my craft beer/travel adventures are documented at @hops_and_highways.


A few fun facts: I recently moved to Delaware after 10 years in Los Angeles. I liberally use Arctic Fox hair dye, sharpies, and ellipses,,, I am overly nostalgic for all things '90s, especially if it involves Doc Martens, smiley faces, and Nickelodeon. I can quote all of Empire Records and Gilmore Girls. I'm not ashamed to admit that I still listen to emo/pop-punk music because I need something to defend besides New Jersey.

Interested in working together? Email me: [honestlyemily] @ [gmail] dot [com].